• Irrigation


    For residential gardens or large commercial installations, ISS is your one-stop supplier for everything you’ll need to install and maintain a wide variety of water management systems.
  • Sewer, Drainage & Stormdrain

    Sewer, Drainage & Stormdrain

    While proper drainage is not exciting, it is essential to any landscape project.
  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    Drama, Excitement, Romance. Creating the proper ambiance for nighttime use of outdoor spaces is something more projects are requiring. Lighting a landscape can make outdoor spaces as beautiful by night as by day.
  • Erosion Control

    Erosion Control

    There are state mandates that must be met to prevent water run-off. Therefore, erosion control is an important part of any landscape project to prevent soil loss and water pollution.
  • Turf & Landscape Care Products

    Turf & Landscape Care Products

    Vitamins, minerals and a balanced diet. That’s not just the prescription for a fit lifestyle but the necessary ingredients for a landscape to thrive.
  • Outdoor Landscape and Living

    Outdoor Landscape and Living

    A beautiful outdoor area includes much more than just grass and plants.
  • Tools & Equipment

    Tools & Equipment

    A blade that holds it edge. Wheels that roll without a wobble. A grip that feels like it was made for your hand. Quality tools make your work a pleasure, and equipment that functions without fail will speed you through every task.
  • Imperial Technical Services (ITS)

    Imperial Technical Services (ITS)

    Imperial Technical Services has established itself as the premier irrigation system go-to guys, providing irrigation products, systems, and technical advice to professional irrigation consultants, landscape architects, contractors and end users in the landscape trade.
  • Eco Friendly Products

    Eco Friendly Products

    Imperial Sprinklers Supply carries a full range of environmentally responsible products for a greener planet.